Los Angeles County Police Chiefs Association Statement Regarding Gun Store Operations

The Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association (LACPCA) represents the Police Chief Executives of the 45 independent cities in Los Angeles County. The Association focuses on advancing the science and art of police administration and crime prevention in Los Angeles County; coordinating the implementation of law enforcement efforts by local law enforcement leaders; and developing, teaching, and disseminating professional law enforcement practices.  To that end, the LACPCA recognizes that California Health & Safety Code Section 101029 gives peace officers within every political subdivision of a county the authority to enforce the orders of the local health officer within their respective jurisdictions.  The LACPCA also recognizes that Government Code § 41601 provides that chiefs of police (in their respective jurisdictions) have the powers conferred upon sheriffs by general law for the execution of all orders of the local health officer issued for the purpose of preventing the spread of any contagious, infectious, or communicable disease.  The LACPCA thus supports the right of its members to enforce the Los Angeles County Health Officer’s Order according to both law, and guidance from legal counsel in each of their respective jurisdictions.